dB Sound Monitor

Noise Pollution monitoring system "dB Sound Monitor" is a device dedicated to the measurement of noise levels in urban or industrial areas. Uses different protocols to send data to a web platform like for example GSM (3g, LTE), LoRaWAN, satellite, etc. It performs hight quality noise level measurement in night clubs to prove that they are operating within the laws of the city.

The "dB Sound Monitor" features a high-sensitivity microphone thatcaptures ambient noise and digitally processes it to perform noise level measurement.



Size 120 x 96 x 46 mm
Operating voltage 9Vcd @ 24Vdc @ 750mA
915 MHz LoRa Transceiver


Omnidirectional microphone
Optional backup battery with solar panel


Ultra low cost
Sound pollution
Real time alerts
Real time solutions
Turnkey solutions


Coverage of up to 15 km in line of sight and 5 km in urban area
Frequency range 100 to 10000 Hz

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