Sensor Monitor

The digital sensor monitoring system "Sensor Monitor" is a device dedicated to the detection of digital signals emitted by any type of sensor, such as presence sensors, smoke detectors, magnetic sensors for doors etc. Uses different protocols to send data to a web platform like for example GSM (3g, LTE), LoRaWAN, satellite, etc.

The "Sensor Monitor" has quick connectors for easy attachment of any type of digital sensor.



Size 103 x 77 x 28 mm
Operating voltage 9Vcd @ 24Vdc @ 750mA
915 MHz LoRa Transceiver


Trhee inputs or events to detect

Compatible with 9, 12 or 24 Vdc Sensors


Ultra low cost
Real time alerts
Real time solutions
Turnkey solutions


Coverage of up to 15 km in line of sight and 5 km in urban area

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