Energy Monitor

The Max4 Technologies® Energy Monitor is a device dedicated to the measurement of current passing through a cable through a non-invasive form. Uses different protocols to send data to a web platform like for example GSM (3g, LTE), LoRaWAN, satellite, etc.

The Energy Monitor features three non-invasive current sensors with a readability of up to 30 amps (expandable up to 1000 A) and a digital temperature sensor.



Size 102 x 73 x 55 mm
Operating voltage 9Vcd @ 24Vdc @ 750mA
915 MHz LoRa Transceiver

Temperature sensor range from -55 to 125┬║C


Transient non-ivasive current sensor with range up to 30

A diameter of the cable suported by the current sensor 10mm

Expandable up to 100 Amps and bigger wire diameter


Ultra low cost
Display real time energy consumption
Real time alerts
Real time solutions
Turnkeys solutions


Coverage of up to 15 km in line of sight and 5 km in urban area

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