How The System Works


Device Sensor

IOT Devices are installed on desired site, we are taking as an example Sound Level Monitor, were you can install the device outside a night club, main avenue, restaurant, music halls, stadiums, and many others.

Device Gateway

Device will send data each 30 seconds to the Getway, (for these king of devices they are AC connected or solar powered).


Getways will send Payloads to the server, where it will be stored and analyzed by the end App.

Max4 IoT Platform

Max IOT Platform will analyze sound level or any kind of data depending on the device and compare it with triggered events previously set up by the user, all the data will be shown on a graph.

Alert Via SMS

If the data triggers and Event, excessive DB level on the example we are using the Application will show an Alert on screen and Send up to 3 SMS alerts to the numbers defined by the user.


Artificial intelligence ready · Confiability · Stability · Multi-users and web link · Supports unlimited devices

Smart data · History records · Real time data · Low cost · Custom design on demand

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