LP Gas sensor

Its used to to measure and prevent Damage caused by common gas leaks (lpg , iso-butane, propane,) in places were you need to work with LP gas, like factories, homes or Gas stations.
Its measuring and sending each minute, AC powered or Solar, with an ip 67 Box to work outdoors.
Use case in Mexico
Smart homes, because it’s a common trouble to have leaks due to the state of pipe lines in houses and common mistakes with ovens that can create a big concentration of gas inside the home and can explode or kill humans by breading long time the Gas. Inside Factories where they are using LP Gas all day to prevent Workers to have long times of exposure to Gas and help them determine if the air quality its ok to continue working, or decide if they need to evacuate area or put some ventilation.

Also used on LP gas stations to find and prevent leaks.



Size 120 x 73 x 55 mm
Operating voltage 9Vcd @ 24Vdc @ 750mA
eu 8 6 3 to 8 7 0 mhz / us 9 0 2 to 9 2 8 mhz


detecting concentration : scope: 200-10000ppm lpg , iso-butane, propane.

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